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Welcome to Vitademia, an online academy with free life lesson courses. From coping with anxiety to fulfilling your dream, we got you covered.


What is Vitademia?

Vitamedia is an online academy enabling learners to acquire essential skills and knowledge that are not traditionally taught in schools.


Learners progress through our open online self-paced courses for

personal development, self-improvement and upskilling to prepare for life's biggest challenges. 

Our team of senior coaches provide personal guidance during the course through online coaching sessions. They help learners apply what they learn to their daily lives and set goals to make tangible and visible positive impacts.


Our Mission:

Empower & Enrich Lives

Bridge the Generational Gap

Generation gaps have never grown so rapidly in human history amid the exponential growth in technology. Vitademia aims to achieve this goal using 5 key guiding principles: 

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Enrich young adults by learning fundamental skills to confront the biggest challenges in their lives

Create empathy, solidarity, and compassion between different generations


Tackle problems in society by creating dialogues between young and senior citizens

Develop greater appreciation for wisdom learned through life lessons

Empower seniors with essential digital skills to communicate effectively online

How It Works!

Our pilot program sounds good in concept but, can we count on you to help us prove it works? Vitademia is FREE and you can start learning today. See the steps to get learning!

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Topics Include

Love & Relationships


 Coping With Loss & Grief 

Coping With Anxiety During The Coronavirus Pandemic 

Career Development

Making A Career Change During Uncertain Times 

Meet Our Team

Egon was born in Hong Kong, educated in the UK and now lives in France. With his multicultural background, he is multilingual in English, Spanish, French, Cantonese and Mandarin. An educator at heart, he has taught learners of all ages from the rainforest in Colombia to online classrooms for expatriates. In 2014, Egon ventured into the Educational Technology (EdTech) sector, enabling the digital transformation in corporate training programs for multinationals worldwide. He believes in technology as the major driving force in facilitating and shaping the future of education. Yet, it is the human interaction, the teachers who are at the heart of education and plays the fundamental role of leaving everlasting impressions and inspirations to learners. With this in mind, Egon is on a mission to bring teachers and learners of life together in one place. This, is Vitademia.


Egon Wong


"With age comes wisdom,
but sometimes age comes alone"

Oscar Wilde