Making A Career Change

During Uncertain Times (Audio)

What will you learn?

  • Enable you to identify the options available to you as you determine which career choice is best suited for you, based on your personal values

  • Help you to use some variables in considering the ideal job for you and whether you possess the correct skills to apply yourself to that position

  • How to successfully search for and locate the information you need on the Internet

  • Reflect on your skills to determine what you need to brush up on, acquire new ones and how to do so

  • how to best present yourself to be the most attractive candidate for the position you want

Course Requirements

  • Nothing - just a willingness to learn!

  • Being able to reflect on yourself, to find answers within yourself

  • This course will follow a hands on practical approach rather than a therapy or counselling method

  • No prior knowledge of the subject is required

Who is this for?

  • Anyone whose career path has been affected by unforeseen events

  • Someone who is currently seeking employment

  • A person currently in employment but seeking to make a change

  • People who are not sure where their career is taking them and need guidance

  • If you are recently graduated, you may also find this a useful resource to help you kickstart your career