Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Vitademia? What does it mean?

From Latin, Vita = Life, Demia as in Academia. Life Academy.

What kind of organization is Vitademia?

We are only a collaborative project for the time being, as we are only at the concept stage. After
the pilot (proof of concept), we aspire to becoming a registered entity that can provide many
more courses on a wide range of life lessons with the support of our senior coaches and

Is this a counseling or therapy service?

No. Our mission at Vitademia is to provide an educational resource to those who are seeking
self-development tools to help them be a better version of themselves. Vitademia is NOT a
counseling or therapy service for sufferers of any diagnosed psychiatric and psychological
conditions. Those who are suffering from these conditions should seek professional help in the clinical therapy field.

What will happen after the pilot project?

If our concept works and we receive lots of positive feedback that there is truly a demand for our services, we hope to take everything we learn and turn it into a much more scalable and refined service with significant investment put into it.

What are the prices for the courses?

The courses are free and the coaching sessions are free too. During the pilot phase, there will be no cost for the end user, just gains in your own knowledge and wisdom to serve you in your daily life.

Who is eligible to take these courses?

Anyone! As long as you’re interested in the topics of our courses and think that it could help
you. By participating, you will be expected to provide feedback though as a way to help us
improve and shape our future product and services.

Who are the target audience of these courses?

These courses are aimed towards young adults aged between 18 to 35, although there is no
strict upper limit of age, as long as you believe in life long learning and find the topics relevant to your life.

When can I start taking courses?

We aim to launch our courses from beginning of June. This is our provisional launch date and we may well launch sooner, depending on our progress with courses currently under development.

Where is the pilot taking place?

All courses are online, so theoretically anyone in the world can participate. Coaches are primarily distributed throughout the US.

In what languages are the courses available?

For the time being, we are only providing courses and coaching services in English. If the pilot turns out to be a success, we will certainly be looking for launch our concept in other languages.

How long does each course take?

We estimate that participants would complete a course between 1-4 weeks, but this will depend entirely on how much time can be dedicated towards it. Since the course material can be reviewed in your own time, there is no deadline in completing it.

How long do I have to complete the course?

For the purpose of the pilot, we would like to conclude all courses by the end of August 2020 and receive all necessary feedback from our participants.

When do the coaching sessions happen?

You will first need to complete the five sections within the course. Once completed, you will be prompted to book your coaching session. In other words, coaching sessions take place after you have studied through the course material.

What do we talk about in the coaching session?

The coaching session is designed to give you live interaction with someone who can hear out your situation. The coaches are not there to advise you and tell you what to do, but simply be a listener so that you can express perhaps what you wouldn’t normally have the chance to express. They will discuss with you the answers you gave during the course, as the questions are designed to be self-reflective. They will aim to help you dissect and identify issues you might be facing by posing elicitive questions. To conclude the session, coaches will help you set tangible goals with a timeframe in mind, to ensure you can apply and make a positive change to your life with the newly acquired skills and knowledge.

How long is a coaching session?

For this pilot, the coaching session will be 1-hour long.

How do I connect with my coach?

We will use Zoom as the primary video calling tool, although Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or any other video calling tools can also be used upon agreement with your coach.

Who will be my coach?

Based on the topic of course you choose, you will be paired with a coach who has lived through similar issues.

How many participants are in each coaching session?

All sessions are 1-to-1 to ensure confidentiality and a safe environment for you to express yourself freely.

Who are the coaches and what credentials do they have?

Coaches are senior citizens and retirees, who have a background in one of the following fields: education, coaching, mentoring, counselling and psychology. They are carefully screened candidates who have a strong sense of empathy, are good listeners and motivated to help others. They have successfully gone through our process of onboarding and training through simulated coaching sessions.

Where are the coaches located?

All our coaches are currently located in the US, although there are no restrictions of where they should be located, as long as they are qualified to be one of our coaches.

How do I book a coaching session?

You will be sent an email with a link to our calendar booking system once you’ve completed your course.

Will I get any certification upon completing a course?

No. Our courses are currently for the purpose of this pilot and does not constitute as a formal qualification of any sort.

Can I take more than one course?

Yes. You are welcome to take as many courses as you like, so long as you are willing to provide feedback for each one.