Bored In Quarantine? Let me help you.

By Nima Lashgari

How can we not be bored in the apartment at the time of the corona outbreak? #Coronavirus obviously changed our lives. Some of us used to go to the gym, some on us used to party, all of us in different ways, used to have a life outside of our homes. But these days, following the outbreak of the coronavirus, we are all in-home #quarantine and do not leave the house except for emergencies and to be honest, I don’t think we would be able to change this situation at least for couple more months.

In my viewpoint, this quarantine and shelter in place can be considered a kind of responsibility and an opportunity for progress. This progress can appear in any part of our lives. I suggest to use this time in the best possible way and work on your personal and professional progress. Here's what you need to do:

  • Increase your personal abilities

  • Increase your knowledge

  • Exercise

  • Learn to work with computer

  • Watch good movies

  • Watch good series

  • Read books

  • Learn cooking

Refresh your mind about all the other things that you always wanted to do but you didn’t have time. Well now is the best time. Once the pandemic is over, you will have newer and more advanced ideas and keep up the good work, or even start your own small business with new skills. Your skills can even bring you the ability to communicate with people that you always wanted but didn’t have any topics in common. These new skills can even go on your resume and bring you new job opportunities. I think we can look at this situation as a pause to our lives, a time to update ourselves and make ourselves ready for what's ahead. To be honest, this is a great time to progress and build a better version of yourself. But the important thing is not to overdo it so that after a week you lose your motivation and wouldn’t any longer continue and reach your goal and desire. That's why I decided to share with you three of the most useful and helpful solutions in my opinion.


One of the best things that you can do in quarantine is to read a #book. The best time to read a book is when you are completely at home and have plenty of time to invest in yourself. The important thing is that if you don't read books professionally, don't start with long, complicated novels. For example, if you don't read a lot of books, don't start with Dostoyevsky’s crime and punishment, or don’t even think about Dellilo’s Underworld. Start with more simple and shorter books. Because if you start with long novels, you’ll get tired and lose the motivation to keep going. One very simple thing you can do is to start with a small part of a newspaper. Yes you heard me correctly, newspapers. Don’t forget that the purpose of reading a book is to raise your awareness so you don't have to literally push yourself and force yourself to begin with long and hard books. Instead, you can start with short and informative articles (like this one :D), just don't forget that the our main goal is to improve. But have it in mind that after 1 week, increase the 2-page article to 5 and so on. The important thing is to progress and be consistent. It's good to make progress, but with small and slow steps.

Research What To Learn

Be creative in finding what to learn. For example, there may be some activities that you have not thought of or are unfamiliar with, or may even be afraid to do.  So do a little more research on your desired activity and be a little adventurous and curious. Always remember that your main enemy is your mind.  No one but your mind can stop you from progressing. Make sure you find new ideas with a simple search. In-home quarantine, you will have enough time to search. For example, I found out in a simple search that I don't have a hard time learning Italian, so I started learning Italian. In addition, I have plans to learn Braille at the same time, I'm also raising up my computer skills. You can easily find your interests with a simple search like me and start making progress right away. Keep in mind that the most important goal is to make progress, even slowly.

Clean Up

Another simple and very useful thing you can do is to keep your home clean. Ask how? Let me explain. This is a good time to pack up your old stuff that you don’t use. Take out the extra items and get rid of them forever. Or if you have a specific plan for the house, implement your plan, if you have old items that you don't use, throw them away, or give them to someone you think might use them. These items can include your old clothes, cooking tools, or even old books you've read before And you don’t need anymore. Just keep it in mind that it doesn't have to be expensive or even fancy because the purpose is to help others.

I hope this gives you an initial idea of what to do about your boredom. If you agree or disagree, please leave a comment below or make your suggestions too.

In my next blog, I will talk about slightly more fun things to do: movies & series. Until then, stay safe and take care!

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