Doing Too Much

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

When the pandemic hit, and I found out I would be inside for a week or so, I knew that I would be able to complete all of the activities I had placed on the back burner. Rising early in the morning, exercising, honing my Spanish skills, studying random topics from open courseware sites, and whatever else, life threw my way was at the forefront of my pandemic plans.

However, after being an early riser and getting more accomplished than most before 8 AM

pre-COVID, my actions drastically took a turn I had not expected. My alarm would buzz, and I would not move. I completed my Spanish course for about three days. I worked a few programs from online classes and then fizzled out. Eating modest meals and meal planning even while working more than twelve hours went out the window.

I've gained a substantial amount weight and have been drudging through life in a haze. Then I realized, it's okay. Our lives have dramatically shifted; we are not on vacation. We are not on sabbatical—this is a pandemic. People are dying. Some are without jobs. Our world is uncertain. Operating, as usual, is off of the table.

Once I realized this is not time off and that I had to accept the new normal, I began the path to soul searching. Of all things, I have the time to know myself and my family in ways that were prohibited by a face-paced materialistic society. None of that matters now.

A few more words, a little more knowledge, but no introspection and no growth after a crisis is not okay. People go into the hospital and do not return. This is our reality. Today, I choose to focus on the critical aspects of my life: myself, my family, and my friends. Aren't they who matter the most?

It does not mean to abandon the path to grow intellectually; but it does mean to listen to our mind when it says, "Nurture me, speak to me, connect with me." The only way to do that is to stop filling time with checklists and begin the process of creating an intimate relationship with ourselves and those nearest to us. Remember, it is a pandemic, and we don't want to do too much and end up doing nothing.

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