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How does Vitademia work?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Step 1 - Sign Up

Go to the Pilot section and click SIGN UP! Then complete a short registration form to get enrolled.

Step 2 - Choose A Course

In your member’s area, click on START LEARNING and you will have access to all our courses currently available during this Pilot phase. Simply choose one of them that relates to your needs and start learning! Within each course there are 5 sections and you will need to complete the questions or activities in each section.

Step 3 - Book A Coach

After choosing your course, you should Book A Coach by clicking on on your name on the top right corner of our website and click BOOK YOUR COACH. After completing the booking request form, you will be contacted by one of our coaches to set up your first call.

Step 4 - Attend Coach Session + Provide Feedback Attend the coaching session you booked via Zoom, make sure you bring along the notes and answers you took during the course and share them with your coach. You will be discussing what you’ve learnt from the course and any doubts you have in applying them to your own life. You will conclude the session by setting your personal goals with your coach. Following the Coach session, you will also have a chance to provide further feedback in a short interview.

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