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So it's come down to this, eh? Warm caresses of whiskey sifting through my brain at 1am as I absorb the days’ death knells of American Civilization across a myriad of stimuli. Hmmmm....? Says I.

Could it be? Could we be on the very precipice of revolution and anarchy as thugs are made hero's and hero's with badges made villains?

We live in a society where The Righteous are considered Swine and The Vile suckle at the teat of our nation, selling innocence, prosperity and sincerity so that they can gain the favor of the populace.

Media draws us in, Moths to a Flame, and we all believe, but never together.

Each day seems to bring us closer to a Mob Rule mentality and Despair is forever whispering in our ear.

Hmmmm….says I yet again.

To Hell with that.

To Hell with my despair. To Hell with my self induced gloom. And to Hell with my annoyance at the long grocery store line’s, the self isolation, the “inconveniences” we suffer for the greater good.

Despite all the challenges of the day, people STILL get to Hate or Love a job because they have a job to love or hate. And at this particular Crossroads of Life, there’s around 30 million people wishing for a job to hate or love.

And there are those that even lack that option,(luxury?). Unable to work, they gaze from afar, devoid of choice and suffer not only living under a bridge but also under the microscope of an assuming and judgmental Public Eye.

The Majority of People in this country GET to BITCH about their lot in life without fear of fatal reprisal, unless they're stupid enough to do it in the wrong crowd.

Don't walk down a Cripz street with a Red Hoody, Yo!.....or wear a Yankee Jersey in Charlestown, MA after a home game, ass whipping at Fenway. Colors are relative, know what I mean? and superior numbers teach a mean lesson.

Darwin had it right, and if you’re not the fittest you damn well better be pretty smart. People in this country GET to Choose and, if you choose it, The American Dream is Alive and Well, if YOU want it to be, in whatever fashion you design.

Take small business owners for example and the challenges of owning your own business in a world of Wal Marts and Costco’s.

Challenge is relative and I've met small business owners from both sides of the debate. Why are some successful and others not? Not my place to say because I'd never enter into that swirling cauldron of Hate and Euphoria.

Own my own business? HA! Madness! And my loved ones could never absorb the fallout of that and would curse me for dragging them through the muck and mire as I circled down into the Abyss.

No, as The Outlaw Josey Wales famously said, “A man has to know his limitations “ and Successful Independent Business owners are a different breed. They will roll over the "wanna-be's" like those mad fools that bitch slap the Bulls in Pamplona.

And what better example of Survival of the Fittest than that drunken butchery?

The phrase "I don't have to outrun the Bulls, I just have to outrun you" has likely been heard more than once over a final round of Jaeger Bombs as red sashes are adjusted and backs slapped in encouragement and False Hope.

If Charles Darwin were amongst that crowd today, he would have his Nike's on, buying drinks for anyone with a red sash, screaming …

"Drink you Fools! The Bulls await! Liquor is quicker and so shall you be! "

….as he stretches his hamstrings, hones his reflexes, drinking his protein shake knowing he simply had to stay in front of these drunken swine to be considered a "God amongst Men", compared to those that lay bleeding and cursing in his wake.

Liquid courage is, at the time, seemingly sound advice until you feel the needle sharp tip of a bull's horn pressing against your colon, feeling the Brute’s bullish breathe against your spine. And the last thought that consumes you, as you slip into merciful unconsciousness, is wishing eternal hell upon that bearded monkey with Nikes that seemed so friendly buying everyone drinks.

No, those with The Red Sash are merely Revenge Fodder for the rampaging bovines who on some primitive, visceral level instinctively know this is it.

This is their last chance to heap ruin upon these bipedal swine before a dozen swords are thrust into their brains and they end up on the grill.

Today, Natural Selection has been replaced by Cold Calculation at the top of the food chain and Darwin would have adapted to that bell curve like a champ.

So here we are, in the Land of Opportunity, given a choice of seeing it as The Glass is Half Full, or The Glass is Half Empty. Evolution or Revolution? Everyone has an opinion as they do assholes, as the saying goes, and sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the two.

The waters are even murkier now with the confusion and uncertainty the global pandemic has heaped upon a global community in distress.

The Glass is Half Full version is still there, albeit, somewhat a little less full as we adapt to a new reality, but if you choose to see it there is much to be thankful for.

The very fact that your reading this indicates that you are somewhere that has electricity. That you have access to a device that provides you information, resources, perhaps financial gain and stability. It provides you a connection to the world in general.

Yay for us. That’s a Glass is Half Full indicator.

Versus so many other people that are screwed in so many areas of the world. Places where my worst day would be considered a moment to raise up your arms and praise "insert name of supreme being" .

I live in a kick ass country where I won't get shot for expressing my views, unless it's by some crazed fool our system has failed, that meandered into WalMart's sporting goods section after failing to take his meds, still feeling the burning insults of the Fools that beat him daily, verbally or physically, in their Senior year of high school.

So Yin and Yang People.

Cause and Affect. Choose to bitch and moan or choose to stop and smell the roses. Do both if so inclined. It's a choice which many aren't given the chance to appreciate, or control for that matter.

Mobs are made up of dangerous, ignorant fools.

Individuals, however, can change lives and perpetuate the Positive even on the worst of days. If you choose to.

Despite my personal and professional struggles, my glass remains Half Full, the Sun will soon rise and another day to choose my Attitude will be met with Gratitude, but for now I require a top off.


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